Hatch Fantastic

As you all know, we have been learning about the life cycles of different animals.

We had the opportunity to hatch real chicken eggs. For the last 22 days we have been observing the eggs and finally, on the 22nd day, we had movement. WOW!!!!!!!

As we arrived at the nursery on Friday 4th May 2018, we were all excited to receive the news that the eggs at finally started to hatch. The children had front row seats which was an amazing experience for them; slowly the chicks began breaking through their shell, and to our amazement, the chicks finally emerged before our eyes.

We allow the new arrivals to climatized and to get used to their surroundings before we held them ever so gently and carefully.
After all the excitement, the children couldn’t wait to tell their parents about the new addition to Ferndale.
The chicks are so cuddly and adorable that many parents couldn’t resist giving them a cheeky little cuddles
What a great ‘hands-on’ way for children to learn!!!!

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