‘A visit from our boys in blue’

The Police came to visit, entertain and enlighten the children at Ferndale today. The children have been learning about ‘People Who Help Us’. As part of the theme, a number of different visitors would be invited into the nursery setting and teach the childrenabout their jobs and what they do to help people. The first visit we had was from the police, as they arrived at the nursery. The children looked on with excitement, they where overjoyed to see PC Allan and PC Richard, who are local officers who look after our neighbourhood. They brought in lots of interesting things for us to look at and explore, such as the many different types of hats that they have, and explained what they were all used for. Did you know that they even have a ‘party hat’? The hat is actually a florescentyellow baseball cap, which is great for when their working at night time! They explained to the children all the things that police officers do, including arresting the bad guys!!!They wont find any bad guys at Ferndale, as we are all super good. They also talked about what the children should do if they got lost and about howto call 999 and 112; they also explained to us that one should only call the said numbers in an actual emergency. We were allowed to tried on all the hats, handcuffs and police riot gear even the teachers got involved, Natalie showed us how to put on the handcuffs which was great fun as we pretended to put Natalie in Jail with the bad guys!! The whole experience waspositive and amazing for the children and staff, we had so much fun!!! We were sad to see our local police leave; however, they left us lots of colouring, and they told us that we could give them a wave when we see them walking the beat! The children can’t wait to see who is coming to visit us next.

Metamorphosis/ from Caterpillar to Butterflies

As parents will no doubt be aware, we have been learning about life cycles of different living things. We have had the opportunity to grow our very own butterflies. For the last 25 days we have been observing the caterpillars and finally on Friday 26th April 2019 we had 33 beautiful Butterflies. WOW!!!!!!! As we arrived at nursery on Friday 26th April 2019, we were all really excited to receive the news that the butterflies had started to emerge from their cocoons. Having front row seats for this event, was truly an enthralling and amazing experience for the children and parents to see. We respectfully allowed the butterflies to rest for a while after emerging from their cocoon as it can be a very tiring experience for them; we finally had the opportunity we have been all waiting for!! We were then able to gently hold the butterflies.It was an amazing experience for the children and parents to actually hold them and watch them fly away to a new home. It was so really exciting and exhilarating for us all just to hold them, and one of the butterflies landed on a child’s nose. The children were beside themselves by the share joy and excitement of the occasion. After all the excitement, we couldn’t wait to tell those parents that didn’t have a ringside seat of the occasion, all about the new butterflies at Russell Hill. They’ll have to satisfy themselves with the numerous pictures taken of the event!! The children are awaiting with eager anticipation to see what we are going to learn about next. What a great hands on way to learn about living things!!

Arrival Of Our Caterpillars

As parents and carers will already know, we have been learning about life cycles of different living things. After learning so much about the life cycle of a caterpillar, the opportunity was finally here for the children to watch and document at first-hand the different stages a caterpillar goes through before it turns into a beautiful butterfly. The children watched with amazement as the tiny caterpillars crawled around the pot. They were overjoyed with the new addition to our menagerie at Russell Hill. The children were also able to use their magnifying glasses to investigate in detail, and just couldn’t believe their eyes as to how small the they were and how many legs caterpillars really do have. We will keep parents and carers updated from their current stage through to metamorphosis.

The Natural History Museum

Today we visited the Natural History Museum. We have been learning and reading about dinosaurs so it made sense to go and see some. We were all very excited as we entered the dinosaur exhibits. Everywhere you looked there were dinosaur bones hanging or towering over us. We were not scared as it was obvious we had more muscles than they did, they were no skin and all bones. There were big, small, familiar and unusual looking dinosaurs. As we trekked through the maze of skeletal dinos, we roared, chatted and sang, until….. we came to a gigantic, roaring, menacing Tyrannosaurus Rex. It was dark, he was loud, we were scared, he stood tall an proud. Some of us brave ones were not so brave after all, Andrew could be heard saying “oh my goodness, oh my goodness” as he tightened his grip on an adults hand. We made a quick escape and continued on our journey to learn about where and how they lived. Although we had been scared we were brave enough to touch a T-Rex’s mouth, restoring a little bit of our confidence. We were brave enough to stroke the T-Rex’s teeth, when they were no longer in his mouth of course! After lunch we went to the Creepy Crawly exhibition where we saw big scorpions, butterflies and all sorts of Creepy Crawlies. We were not too keen on the spiders and the house and cat that were infested with fleas…….Hey! stop itching, they were only plastic. After we went through to the Mammals exhibition where we saw all types of animals ranging from elephants and giraffes and mammals with a tail, kangaroos wolves and a gigantic whale. From there we travelled through the core of the earth and experienced an earthquake in a supermarket whilst visiting the Earth Hall. It was almost time to head back to nursery, but not before one last peek at the dinosaurs. Led by Andrew and his amazing map reading skills we were drawn back to the T- Rex. At first some of is were a little hesitant but after a few minutes we were close enough to feel his breath. We had such a great time at the museum. We pressed every button available and opened every flap, we twisted every knob, we’ll definitely come back. We enjoyed every last moment, who said museums were boring, the minibus was the only place that you could catch us snoring.

Snow White Pantomime

No Christmas period is complete without a visit to the pantomime. So it was only right and proper that we took a trip down to the Harlequin theatre, to indulge ourselves in the obligatory Yuletide festive pantomime limitations. Snow White is a much-loved story and all the children were looking forward to seeing it. Before the trip we read the book so that we were familiar with the storyline. Pantomimes are always really exciting no matter how old you are. The theatre was a grand building with big velvet style seats and the stage was absolutely amazing. There were lots of other children there and everyone was very very excited.  The show was spectacular and the costumes were amazing. Lucia said ”I don’t like that Wicked Queen”. In truth she wasn’t very pleasant. The cast were very funny and Harry and Libby were laughing all the way through. There were a lot of cheering, booing and “he’s behind you!!!” chants. The Seven Dwarfs had us in stitches and Ann Widdecombe looked amazing from someone old enough to be our great grandmas.  All of the children loved the show, some of us were mesmerised whilst others sang along to the pop songs with the cast and joined in all of the group chants. Everyone had a great time, we will definitely be returning next year… hi ho hi ho its back to nursery we go…………

Children In Need 2018

This year ‘Children in Need’ is being held nationally on 16th November 2018. Children in Need unites the entire country by trying to make a difference to the lives others. To celebrate ‘Children In Need’ everybody at Ferndale were encouraged to participate in a series of events in an effort to raise money for the cause. We decided to dress up in Pj’s to raise money; we had a bake sale, Art sale with the children’s hand prints on them, and a very exciting raffle, which proved very popular with the children and parents. Well done to the winners of the raffle, they won some amazing prizes. Everyone participated in a collective endeavour to make the event on the day a joyous one; From babies through to preschool children, everyone created their own masterpieces on a tile. The finished tiles were bright and vibrant, with each one being individualistic in style. Parents dug deep and donated money for their little one’s works of art. We all had great fun dressing in Pjs as part of the event. Everyone got into the spirit of it, especially the staff. Siobhan, Liliana and Lauren wore matching pj’s. ( a sight for sore eyes). Our bake sale was a gastronomic extravaganza; We had rocket road cupcakes that just melted in one’s mouth, cupcakes galore, and array of tantalising biscuits that are beyond culinary description. Needless to say much fun was had by all. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents for their contribution to the bake sale. In addition the staff tried to do their bit by baking at home or in some cases buying them in the shop (shock horror!!! – they thought we could not tell). The children also made some lovely contributions on the day in the form of cupcakes which shone with their own edible glitter. One parent ( who shall remain nameless) bought approximately 10 cakes for the ‘daddy of the family’; However was later seen scoffing the lot!! In total we managed to raise precisely £211.00 for charity. We would like to say a ‘big thank’ you to all of you for getting involved and I am sure the ‘Children In Need’ charity are most appreciative of your collective endeavours on their behalf. A big ‘thank you’ to parents from our staff team for making the event such a happy and joyful occasion. We look forward to the next fundraising event; lets see what other ideas we can come up with for those.

The Natural History Museum

We visited the Natural History Museum on the 28th February 2018.

We have been learning and reading about dinosaurs so it made sense to go and see some. We were all very excited as we entered the dinosaur exhibit. Everywhere you looked there were dinosaur bones hanging or towering over us. We were not scared as it was obvious we had more muscles than they did, they had no skin and were all bones. There were big, small, familiar and unusual looking dinosaurs.
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