‘A visit from our boys in blue’

The Police came to visit, entertain and enlighten the children at Ferndale today. The children have been learning about ‘People Who Help Us’. As part of the theme, a number of different visitors would be invited into the nursery setting and teach the childrenabout their jobs and what they do to help people. The first visit we had was from the police, as they arrived at the nursery. The children looked on with excitement, they where overjoyed to see PC Allan and PC Richard, who are local officers who look after our neighbourhood. They brought in lots of interesting things for us to look at and explore, such as the many different types of hats that they have, and explained what they were all used for. Did you know that they even have a ‘party hat’? The hat is actually a florescentyellow baseball cap, which is great for when their working at night time! They explained to the children all the things that police officers do, including arresting the bad guys!!!They wont find any bad guys at Ferndale, as we are all super good. They also talked about what the children should do if they got lost and about howto call 999 and 112; they also explained to us that one should only call the said numbers in an actual emergency. We were allowed to tried on all the hats, handcuffs and police riot gear even the teachers got involved, Natalie showed us how to put on the handcuffs which was great fun as we pretended to put Natalie in Jail with the bad guys!! The whole experience waspositive and amazing for the children and staff, we had so much fun!!! We were sad to see our local police leave; however, they left us lots of colouring, and they told us that we could give them a wave when we see them walking the beat! The children can’t wait to see who is coming to visit us next.