Natural History Museum

We visited the Natural History Museum. We have been learning and reading about dinosaurs so it made sense to go and see some. We were all very excited as we entered the dinosaur exhibit. Everywhere you looked there were dinosaur bones hanging or towering over us. We were not scared as it was obvious we had more muscles than they did, they had no skin and were all bones. There were big, small, familiar and unusual looking dinosaurs. As we trekked through the maze of skeletal dinosaurs, we roared, chatted and sang, until we came to a gigantic, roaring, menacing Tyrannosaurus Rex.
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Our very own fairy story!!!!

Something amazing has happened at Ferndale that the children have been really excited about! The children and the nursery as a whole has been filled with a sense of enthusiasm and excitement because of the new arrival of Russell hill’s very own fairy from Fairy world. To say that the children have been abound with excitement is perhaps an understatement. Pumpkin Rose the magical fairy from fairyland, has decided to make Ferndale nursery her new home. The children have made some very creative pictures for her and in return and she has rewarded them with letters, educational gifts, and has promise to arrange in the very near future, a very special treasure hunt for them. Naturally we will keep parents and friends informed of all the very exciting events that Pumpkin Rose will be participating in with the children. Watch this space!!!!!!