We have spent time over the last few weeks collecting empty boxes and containers so we can turn our home corner into a shop. Some of our mummy’s and daddies have been kindly bringing in items from home as well.
This week we had enough empty containers to make our shop. The shop was set out lovely, and we could buy all sorts of items. They ranged from cereal to fruit, to deserts and washing powder and each item was individually priced.
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Fruit picking at Hewitt’s Farm

Today we set off for Hewitts farm. Yep, you guessed it we were going fruit picking. We knew that some of us were going to consume more than our 5 a day. It was not too far of a journey for us today as the fruit picking site is based in Orpington Kent. When we arrived it started to drizzle, then it started to pour. There was no way that we could go out there and pick fruit whilst it was pouring, so we ate our lunch on the minibus and wished for it to stop raining at least a little bit.
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Bouncy start to the week

Today was an exciting day at Ferndale. We have got a new bouncy castle in our garden. Some of the bigger children helped the staff to pump up the bouncy castle. It was hard work so we took it in turns. We did not have an electric pump though, so we all have extremely big muscles. We eventually blew up the bouncy castle and what a delight it was.

Everyone had so much fun; the big children and the babies included. In fact, the babies absolutely loved the bouncy castle where we were free to jump, bounce, and roll around. Sam even put some little colourful balls in there, which made everyone very excited. So much so, some of the children did not want to get off especially baby Iris who had a great time. This bouncy castle has quickly become the favourite toy in our already fun-filled garden.

Cookie Kids

On Friday we decided to make some cookies. We love making things at nursery and it is even better when we are able to eat the things we make….yummmmmy!

This time around we were making double chocolate chip cookies; they were going to be very chocolately and very scrummy. We all sat around the table and took it in turns to mix in all the ingredients. We noted the change in colour and texture of the mixture, we were so tempted to taste it at this stage, but we were encouraged to wait until it was fully baked.
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